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5 May 2023

Here are all the reasons you should get excited for this release!

What's new in Wagtail 5.0


Fans of Star Wars know there are perks to coming over to the dark side. The new dark mode and other features in Wagtail 5.0 won't give you terrifying power over matter and space, but they will give you a lot more power over your Wagtail experience.

Some highlights from the release include:

  • Dark mode: Now you can change your editor theme from light to dark in your account preferences
  • SVG support: If your designers keep asking for SVGs, now you can make them happy with SVG support
  • Enhanced accessibility checker: We've added a couple new rules and options for customising the accessibility checker
  • More thoughtful image deletions: The image delete prompt now shows you how many times an image is used on a website
  • Even more snippet options: This release includes a lot more choices for customising your snippets
  • And more!

For more details, check out our release blog post and our short video tour.

Read the Wagtail 5.0 blog post

Watch the Wagtail 5.0 video tour

How we added SVG support to Wagtail 5.0

Developer Joshua Munn did a great write up on his contributions to SVG support in Wagtail 5.0. He not only explains why Wagtail won't rasterise your SVGs (yet), but he also walks through how to set up SVG support as well as all the things you should consider for supporting SVGs securely in your Wagtail projects.

See Josh's guide on how to set up SVG support

Need help with your upgrade?

This release definitely includes some breaking changes. If you need help with your upgrade, here are some resources that can help you:

If you're still stuck, there are free and paid ways to get the support you need:

Check our our Get Help page for support options

Until next time, thank you for reading! If you have a news item to contribute or a package release to report, please reach out to us through the Slack community or email us.

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