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9 June 2023

Couldn't find a ride to Scotland for DjangoCon Europe? Here's a quick recap to catch you up.

Wagtail at DjangoCon Europe 2023

You're looking at a group of awesome developers who are working together on a sprint at DjangoCon Europe

A whole flock of Wagtail community members gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland for DjangoCon Europe 2023. There were some familiar faces from our core team as well as plenty of new folks who were interested in learning about our favourite Python-powered CMS.

The workshop Best of both worlds: Next.js ❤️ Wagtail presented by core team members Thibaud Colas and Sage Abdullah of Torchbox was one of the most popular sessions of the conference. They had a packed room with 55 people who came out to give Wagtail a go. You can give their workshop a go too! All their code is available on GitHub.

Wagtail popped up in quite a few talks, including a dino-themed keynote talk by Dawn Wages and a daring talk about using SQLite in production by Tom Dyson. Not all of the videos are available just yet, but here are two you can add to your playlist right now:

Many of our community members also enjoyed this talk by former Django Fellow Carlton Gibson:

For all the Wagtail happenings at DjangoCon Europe, check out our recap blog.

📣 Speak your mind on universal listings 📣

Ben Enright, our lead UI designer for Wagtail, is experimenting with ways to make sections with lots and lots of pages but little-to-no tree structure easier to navigate. If you've got a bit of time to spare, please have a look at some of his initial designs and let him know what you think.

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