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23 June 2023

Curious what's next for Wagtail? There's a roadmap for that.

The Wagtail Project Roadmap


Deciding what features go into a Wagtail release is quite the process. A lot of factors need to be considered each time around, and we want to get into a habit of sharing the outcomes of our decisions widely with the community. Now you can get a quick snapshot of where Wagtail is heading by going to

Let's be clear, the Roadmap is definitely a set of goals more than it is a set of promises. Open source software development can be very much like a road trip. You might plan to drive to a new destination every day, but there are things that can affect your trip along the way like construction or poor weather or bored children who demand bathroom breaks every fifteen minutes. There are definitely going to be obstacles we can't predict and adjustments will be made as each release progresses.

If you do see a feature you're excited about and really want to help make it into an upcoming release, one thing that would be super helpful is sponsorship. From upgrades to the page editor to user commenting and localization features, sponsors have moved a lot of great Wagtail features forward that have benefited the whole community. We included some handy "Sponsor This" flags in the Roadmap to give you some ideas for what we would like help with. If any of those features interest you, please get in touch! We'd love to have a conversation.

Visit the Wagtail Roadmap

Wagtail 5.0.2 now available

This is a bugfix release, addressing a number of issues arising in 5.0. For the full description of the fixes and upgrade instructions, see the release documentation.

Wagtail 5.0.2 documentation

Learn some new Wagtail skills 📚

Create Stylish Wagtail Pages with Tailwind CSS: Michael Yin has a new tutorial available that goes over how to combine Wagtail with Tailwind CSS. If you haven't have a chance to play with Tailwind yet, this tutorial is a great place to start.

Backup and restore a WagtailCMS site: If you're living dangerously by not backing up your Wagtail website or want another source of backups in case the automatic ones set up through your hosting company fail, check out this tutorial by Alvin Morris. Alvin uses CentOS8 with MariaDB/Nginx/Gunicorn, but a lot of the principles transfer to other server configurations.

Package updates

Until next time, thank you for reading! If you have a news item to contribute or a package release to report, please reach out to us through the Slack community or email us.

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