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17 March 2023

A couple hundred of you fine folks joined us live this week for What's New in Wagtail. As usual, there was lots of enthusiasm and great questions from the Wagtail community. Here are some of our favourite moments.

Highlights from What's New in Wagtail

This is screenshot from the Wagtail AI demo What's New in Wagtail showing different AI options for translation and grammar correction

  • Matt Westcott showed us the new MultipleChooserPanel feature sponsored by YouGov. Rather than having to add images or other items to your pages one by one, now you'll have the option to select multiple items at once. This new infrastructure will help lay the foundation for other bulk actions in future releases.
  • We already covered the new snippet features pretty thoroughly last week but you should watch the video to see Sage Abdullah's smashing demo.
  • Thibaud Colas went over the evolution of the page editor and UX design as well as how we're hoping to collect feedback from the community going forward.
  • Outreachy interns Albina Starikova and Damilola Oladele showed off the contributions they made to Wagtail this year during their Outreachy projects. Both crowds were super excited about Albina's accessibility checker and Damilola's improvements to the Wagtail User Guide.
  • Wagtail 5.0 is coming. Matt Westcott went over some of the technical debt we're hoping to clean up in the next release.
  • Tom Dyson showed off an experimental demo using the wagtail-ai package created by Tom Usher. He showed how the AI tool could help with translations, grammar checks, and generating short articles.
  • Ian Bellchambers shared a preview of the Wagtail Public Roadmap on GitHub. We're actively looking for sponsors to support new features like dark mode. So if you're curious about sponsorship, please do get in touch.

Watch the full video HERE

Google Summer of Code 2023

The application period for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) starts on March 20th. If you're keen to participate this year and submit a project proposal, here are three things we'd like you to do:

  1. Read Thibaud's blog post on the project ideas for 2023
  2. Check out the resources in our GSoC 2023 repository
  3. Introduce yourself in the discussion we've set up on GitHub

It may not be summer in every part of the globe when GSoC comes around, but we always look forward to the this part of the year!

Minimap feedback requested

We're considering several improvements to the minimap in Wagtail. If you have any ideas or requests for the minimap, please join our discussion.

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Latest Chirps

Until next time, thank you for reading! If you have a news item to contribute or a package release to report, please reach out to us through our Slack community or email us.

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