How to sponsor Wagtail

Support your favourite CMS

Financial support from sponsors helps us maintain Wagtail and provide new features and packages to the whole Wagtail community.

There are two main ways to support Wagtail:

  1. Sponsor a Wagtail feature
  2. Subscribe to a Wagtail Support plan

Both efforts help us provide financial support to the developers and other professionals who make Wagtail possible. Let's explore both options and how they work.

Wagtail feature sponsorship

If there's a feature that you would really like to have for your Wagtail websites and you're willing to make the results of that work open source, then Wagtail sponsorship is a great way to get a feature you need and benefit the wider Wagtail community at the same time. Some of our past collaborations have included:

Here is a quick rundown of the process for sponsoring a Wagtail feature:

Sponsor Wagtail through a support plan

You can find some great support in our Wagtail Slack community and at Stack Overflow. But if you want to have even quicker access to Wagtail experts, you should consider the Wagtail developer support service offered by Torchbox.

All profit from the service supports Wagtail, and there are flexible options for you to make the most of unused support hours.

Explore Wagtail Support

Learn more and find a plan that would support your organisation well.