About Wagtail

Wagtail is a leading open source CMS. Tens of thousands of organisations worldwide, including Google, NASA, and the British NHS, are powering their digital estates with Wagtail - here’s why.

Wagtail is a future-proof solution

Wagtail is built in Python, the fastest-growing major programming language and 'the standard' for data science and machine learning.

Wagtail offers a rapid development environment

Wagtail sites are cost-effective to build and easy to extend. It’s a natural platform for truly agile development.

Wagtail is secure

Wagtail inherits Django’s strong approach to security (monthly security updates are a thing of the past).

Wagtail is easy to integrate with third-party tools

Wagtail is well suited to integrate with your CRM and marketing automation platform, your ticketing and event management system and payment fulfilment system.

Wagtail's global community

Wagtail is one of the most actively developed open source CMSs (currently #1 on the list of open source Python CMSs measured by Github activity) with ten global core contributing agencies and a very active and enthusiastic global community.

This is a screenshot showing the new Wagtail 3.0 page editor for an example page called the Great Icelandic Baking Show.


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Wagtail has a strict release cycle

The global community actively develops Wagtail, which has a strict release cycle – new versions come out every two months, with a mix of new features and improvements, including:

  • Wagtail 3.0! with a whole host of enhancements including new colors, a sleeker toolbar, and tools for quashing duplicate images.
  • An integrated A/B testing framework for Wagtail - a feature that is typically the preserve of closed-source enterprise CMS products with five or six figure annual licence fees.

We are committed to work with the latest Django releases, as well as the latest Long Term Support (LTS) Django releases.

Wagtail bird

What's in a name?

Wagtails are pretty little birds from the Motacilla family. From spring to autumn they gather on the lawns outside Torchbox's offices, charming Torchbox staff and their visitors. Torchbox wanted a name which had a sense of light and delight. Plus birds make easy logos.

Join us

We think Wagtail includes all the core publishing features that most large, complex sites need. In particular, the global community has worked hard to remove any limitations from the way that pages built in Wagtail can look or behave. 

But if you have any bespoke requirements that aren't built in, remember that Wagtail is just a Django app; any Python developer can fork it and add the features you need, or, even better, integrate using Wagtail's plugin architecture, and share your work so everyone benefits! 

The global community is continuing to improve and extend Wagtail all the time, so popular feature requests should be addressed quickly.

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Need an Agency?

We've got you covered. Torchbox created Wagtail to help awesome people make great websites. There is also a global network of partners to support you. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to work together.

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