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Wagtail supports everyone’s creativity

Whether you're a developer who wants the freedom to build a custom feature or an editor who wants to focus more on content than code, Wagtail supports the ingenuity of each member of a content team.


Control how content is displayed and how data is organised.

Editors love it because they have the freedom to build pages the way they want to without coding. Developers love it because StreamField gives them precise control over how content is displayed and how data is organised.

Intuitive content organisation

A tree structure that makes content easy to find and organise.

The Wagtail administration panel uses a tree structure that makes content easy to find and organise. Whether you have a handful of page types or dozens, the content sidebar offers editors a quick, intuitive way to navigate to the content they need.

Customizable page types

Use Django models to easily create and extend a custom architecture.

Wagtail page types make it easy for developers to create and extend a custom architecture. Whether your team needs a blog post or a case study or a donation page, you can spin it up quickly without a ton of database wrangling.


Reusable components that editors can use over and over again.

With snippets, there’s no need to waste time recreating components. Snippets offer developers a quick way to add reusable components to the intuitive Wagtail administrative panel so editors can use them over and over again.

Form builder

Create contact forms, surveys, and more.

Empower your content creators to interact with readers with the Wagtail custom form builder. After some simple configuration on the backend, editors can use the easy configuration of Wagtail forms to create contact forms, surveys, and more.

Advanced image management

Keep your image library organised and under control.

With the image focal point and custom cropping tools in Wagtail, you have more control over how images are cropped and displayed. The multiple image upload and image deduplication features also help you keep your image library organised and under control

Frontend freedom

Integrate with the frontend technology of your choice

With the Wagtail templating system, your designers and frontend developers have complete frontend freedom. Wagtail can be integrated with the frontend technology of your choice, and you can even choose to operate Wagtail as a headless CMS with multiple frontends.


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Nicolas Leung

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Create content with worldwide reach

Wagtail makes it easier to reach international audiences.

Out of the box, Wagtail supports different site versions for different languages and countries as well as translation of content directly in Wagtail. Combined with the open source wagtail-localise package, Wagtail gives you a powerful suite of tools to reach audiences around the world.

Open, extensible, and dependable

The code for Wagtail is completely open source.

Wagtail is powered by Python and Django, two of the most popular and powerful open source technologies available. The code for Wagtail is completely open source and supported by an active community and core contributors from agencies around the world. The founding creators, Torchbox, are an employee-owned trust dedicated to serving nonprofits and public organisations rather than investors. The source code is free and open so anyone can customise and extend Wagtail.

Advanced enterprise workflows

Designed to support content teams

Wagtail comes with features that support the whole publishing process from writing the first draft to copyediting to publication. Wagtail supports each step you need to create flawless content, no matter how many steps you need.

Site history

Full transparency into who has made changes

With the site history feature, you’ll have full transparency into who has made changes to your content and how. You can log and audit user actions with the site history report directly in the Wagtail administrative panel or through a backend management command.

Customisable workflows

Control who can moderate, review, and publish content

Whether you need one editing step or many, the custom workflows in Wagtail give you options to add as little or as much content review as you need. The fine permissions in Wagtail make it easy to control who can moderate, review, and publish content.

Revision rollbacks

Rollback to the version that you want to share with the world

Editing often involves multiple revisions and it can be hard to keep track of the changes made from version to version. Wagtail includes a built-in revision comparison tool that can help you rollback to the version that you want to share with the world.


Take full control over your editorial calendar

You can schedule posts to go live whenever you choose and you can set an expiration date on content so that your time-limited posts are automatically unpublished.

Commenting and notifications

Editors can review and request content changes directly in Wagtail

With the Wagtail commenting feature, you don’t need to fuss with collecting comments in another text editor. Email notifications also make it easy for you to know when new comments are made or a piece of content moves to the next step in your publishing process.

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