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The Wagtail team is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive community and project for everyone. We want all our users to be able to publish content, maintain a website built with Wagtail, and consume the content published in an accessible manner.

Accessibility standards

The Wagtail team aims for compliance with WCAG 2.1 (AA level) and ATAG 2.0 (AA level). WCAG is the most well established standard for web accessibility. ATAG is a standard specific to authoring tools such as content management systems. It covers accessibility of the tools as well as the production of accessible content.

Wherever applicable, we will also attempt to follow AAA-level guidelines, and consider upcoming standards such as WCAG versions 2.2 and 3.0.

Known issues

Parts of Wagtail’s user interface do not meet our accessibility targets at the moment. We actively work on fixing issues both as part of ongoing maintenance, and bigger overhauls. To learn about known issues, check out:

The audit states which parts of Wagtail have been audited, on which release, how issues affect WCAG 2.1 compliance, and the likely impact on users. For further information, please reach out to our accessibility team.

What we do

Wagtail CMS interface

We aim to test and support Wagtail using the following assistive technologies:

Additionally, we regularly test Wagtail with a combination of automated and semi-manual accessibility checkers.

Sites built with Wagtail

We document common accessibility considerations to help Wagtail implementers create accessible sites. We cover content modeling, templates, and authoring tools for CMS users.

Accessibility goals beyond the CMS

Apart from Wagtail itself, we also aim to make,, and accessible for everyone. If you find accessibility-related issues on those sites, please reach out to the accessibility team.

How you can contribute

We’d love to get feedback on the accessibility of Wagtail. Get in touch with our accessibility team if you are testing Wagtail and want to report your findings, or have a look at our backlog of accessibility issues and improvements.