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Content management that centers accessibility

To help make the Internet more accessible to everyone, we're committed to making Wagtail CMS one of the leading options for publishing, maintaining, and consuming content in an accessible manner. Here's how we're working to build accessibility into our software and our community.

We're creating features to support and promote accessibility

Wagtail not only has features to support users with disabilities and other access needs, it has features that encourage creators to consider accessibility as they make their content. Here are just a few of the accessibility features Wagtail has out of the box.

You're looking at an example screenshot of the Wagtail accessibility checker and the four errors it has flagged in a piece of content.

Accessibility checker

The built-in Wagtail accessibility checker flags likely accessibility issues in content. The checker is customizable so you can go beyond the default rules and set up standards specific to your code and your organization.

You're looking at an example screenshot of Wagtail in dark mode with a black background and higher contrast text.

Dark mode

Users who struggle with light sensitivity, eye strain, and other visual conditions benefit from the higher contrast that dark mode provides. Dark mode also uses less energy on OLED screens, which makes it a plus for the planet too.

You're looking at an example screenshot of the Wagtail keyboard slash command that allows you to access formatting and block options from the keyboard.

Keyboard slash command

People who need a keyboard to navigate software find the Wagtail Slash Command extremely useful because it's a quick, accessible way to bring up formatting and block options in the Wagtail editor.

You're looking at an example screenshot of the minimap feature in Wagtail that helps you jump from one section of your content to another.


The minimap function in Wagtail helps people quickly find specific parts of their content in the Wagtail editor. When paired with the "collapse all" and "expand all" feature, the minimap helps reduce scrolling and can serve as a guide for keyboard navigation.

Our ambitious accessibility goals

Making content more accessible at scale

We want to go beyond making Wagtail compliant and accessible. We're aiming to incorporate state-of-the-art accessibility checks into our software to help site administrators provide consistent accessibility across their whole site.

Join our effort! Here are a few ways you can contribute

We’d love to get feedback on the accessibility of Wagtail. Get in touch with us in #accessibility on the Wagtail Slack if you are testing Wagtail and want to report your findings, or have a look at our backlog of issues.

Our accessibility reports

Access the latest reports on known issues and our accessibility efforts

We maintain living documents on our latest audits and accessibility projects. Here is a list of links to our current reports and the accessibility team's latest notes.

Known issues

Parts of Wagtail’s user interface do not meet our accessibility targets at the moment. We actively work on fixing issues both as part of ongoing maintenance, and bigger overhauls. To learn about known issues, check out our:

Accessibility team reports

The audits state which parts of Wagtail have been audited, on which release, how issues affect WCAG conformance, and the likely impact on users. For further information, please reach out to our accessibility team.