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Wagtail FAQs

Here are the answers to your most common Wagtail questions

Can I try Wagtail for myself?

Yes you can! Our demo site will be back online shortly. In the meantime, you can try building a Wagtail website for yourself. You can also look at the code of our Bakery demo to see an example of what a more fully built out website looks like.

Does Wagtail include marketing analytics?

Not out of the box. But there are many packages that can add analytics functionality to Wagtail. Have a look at the Packages page to find the right package for your project.

Does Wagtail include ecommerce features?

Not out of the box. But Wagtail is built on top of very powerful web framework called Django, and there are quite a few ecommerce resources available for Django. Anything you can do in Django, you can pretty much do with Wagtail, and that includes ecommerce! Talk to your developer or agency about what the best solution would be for your project.

Does Wagtail have (insert your favorite feature here)?

Check out our Features Index for a comprehensive list of Wagtail features. If you don't find your feature there, then check the Packages page to see if there is a package available that includes the feature your looking for. If you don't see your feature there either, then please consider sponsoring the feature.

I don't see a feature I want in Wagtail — can someone build it for me?

Yes! We have collaborated with many sponsors to add open source features to the core Wagtail project. Visit our feature sponsorship area to find out more.

Do I need to be able to code to use Wagtail?

You'll need to have some coding skills to set up Wagtail and get a Wagtail website live on the Internet. But once Wagtail is set up, you can write and create content without messing around with any code. Wagtail is designed to help everyone focus on doing their best work — developers focus on code, designers focus on design, and writers focus on writing. If you love coding your own projects, go ahead and try out our Getting Started tutorial.

I'm not interested in coding — is there someone I can hire to build a Wagtail website for me?

Yes! There are many agencies and freelancers around the world who can help you build an incredible Wagtail website. Check out our Services page to explore their services. You can also post about your job or project in our Slack community in the #jobs channel.

Is Wagtail a headless CMS?

Not out of the box, but Wagtail can be operated as a headless CMS if you have the right resources to put into your project. Learn more about Headless Wagtail at Are we Headless Yet?

How can I contribute to Wagtail?

Yes! We love new contributors. Please read our contributing guidelines to learn more about contributing. Also, please join our Slack community and join the #new-contributors channel to learn more about how you can get started as a new contributor. There are lots of great pinned resources waiting for you in that channel.

How can I meet other people interested in Wagtail?

One good way to start is to join our Slack community. You can meet Wagtail enthusiasts all over the world there. You can also stay tuned to the Wagtail Space page and use the form below to sign up for our newsletter to learn about meetups and events.

Can I use the Wagtail logo?

The Wagtail logo is a part of the Wagtail open source project and the same terms of the license governing the Wagtail project apply to the logo. You do not need to seek our permission to use the logo as long as you're following the terms of the license. That being said, we definitely prefer that you not use the logo in a way that contravenes our Code of Conduct (for example, combining the logo with symbols affiliated with hate groups). Also, if you're planning to alter the logo substantially, we'd love it if you would reach out to consult with us. You can reach us at [email protected]