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Content management with green practices built in

Because of the impact software has on the world's carbon footprint, we're committed to reducing the climate impact of Wagtail CMS. Here's how we're supporting greener choices in our software and our community.

We're building features to support sustainability

We want to help people who use Wagtail make the greenest choices they can, especially when it comes to images. Here are a couple key features that will help people manage images more sustainably.

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We're measuring Wagtail's impact

By our estimate in May 2023, Wagtail websites account for 8240.69 tons of CO2e/year for 4349 sites with 1.9 tCO2e/year average emissions per site and a 1.9 MB median page weight.

See how Wagtail measures up

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We're pursuing sustainability standards

The standards we're using to assess Wagtail, include the UN Sustainable Development Goals ITU L.1420, L.1430, and the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard – Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) as well as its additional ICT Sector Guidance.


We're pursuing green collaborations

Our latest sustainability features were created through internships supported by Google Summer of Code and through a collaboration with the Green Web Foundation and Green Coding Berlin.

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We've added sustainability to our docs

The Wagtail documentation has a section on sustainability and resources for creating greener websites.

Read our sustainability docs

We're aiming to make all our projects sustainable

We're working on reducing the impact and carbon emissions of this website,,, and

We also intend to review environmental and equality considerations as part of organizing Wagtail Space and other community events.

Our sustainability roadmap

A greener future for Wagtail CMS

As part of our commitment to reducing emissions, we've mapped out some changes we're planning to pursue as well as some key opportunities for improvement

Join our effort! Here are a few ways you can contribute

We’d love to get feedback on the sustainability of Wagtail. Get in touch with us in #sustainability on the Wagtail Slack if you are testing Wagtail and want to report your findings, or have a look at our backlog of issues and improvements.

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Curate content better and make it greener in Wagtail 5.2

Now you have even more options to improve search, greenify your images, and curate your content

Meagen Voss

Meagen Voss

Wagtail community manager