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12 May 2023

We're looking forward to another season of great projects supported by Google Open Source.

Wagtail + Google = Great community collaborations

This is the bird logo for Wagtail next to the sun logo for Google Season of Code. They are happy together!

We're thrilled to share that three community project proposals have been funded by Google Open Source programs. Two Wagtail proposals were accepted by Google Summer of Code and our project for Google Season of Docs was accepted as well. Considering all the great contributions our collaborators made last year, we're stoked to see what our collaborators can achieve this year.

Going Greener with Google Summer of Code

For Google Summer of Code, we're collaborating this year with Chris Adams at The Green Web Foundation to adopt greener coding practices in Wagtail and make it easier to build sustainable Wagtail projects. We'll have two collaborators for this project, including Paarth Agarwal and Aman Pandey. The mentors for this year's projects will include Chris Adams from The Green Web Foundation as well as Thibaud Colas and Sage Abdullah from Torchbox.

Get more details about Paarth and Aman's projects at our blog

Leveling Up Our Learning Resources with Google Season of Docs

For our very first year participating in Google Season of Docs, we will be expanding our tutorial resources for Wagtail newcomers. New developers have often said that they would benefit from having a more thorough demonstration of how to get from the Wagtail Getting Started tutorial to a fully deployable project. We heard you and we're going to be working with a technical writer to make those resources happen. Our technical writer will be Damilola Oladele. The mentors for this project will be Thibaud Colas and Meagen Voss from Torchbox.

For more about his project, read Damilola's project blog

Wagtail is now on LinkedIn ✨

Come see our shiny new LinkedIn page and give us a follow!

Check us out on LinkedIn

Global Accessibility Awareness Day ✅

In the run up to Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we'll be sharing accessibility resources on all our social accounts. Please share your favorite resources with us and any accessibility wins you've achieved with Wagtail.

Also, please join Wagtail core team member Thibaud Colas as he presents Why 96.3% of the Web Fails at Accessibility on LinkedIn Live on 18 May at 3:30 PM BST.

Sign up for Thibaud's talk

Stuck on a thorny upgrade issue?

We know plenty of you are probably still digging into upgrading to Wagtail 5.0. If you need help with your upgrade, don't forget about these resources:

If you get hung up, there are free and paid ways to get the support you need:

Check our our Get Help page for support options

Package updates

Until next time, thank you for reading! If you have a news item to contribute or a package release to report, please reach out to us through the Slack community or email us.

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