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10 May 2023

Meet Damilola Oladele, Our First Technical Writer for Google Season of Docs

Here's what we have planned for Wagtail's first Google Season of Docs

Damilola Oladele

Damilola Oladele

Damilola Oladele

My name is Damilola Oladele, and I'm thrilled to be joining the Wagtail project as a technical writer for Google Season of Docs 2023. Before I get into the project specifics, here's a little bit about how I came to be here.

About Me

I'm a software engineer and technical writer with a background in law and property management. In January 2022, I made the transition to the tech industry and received training at a software engineering agency, 100Devs. At 100Devs, I learned the fundamentals of programming, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React JS, and Next JS.

After completing my training, I interned at iGates Business Systems Ltd., where I worked on an internal bank software that tracks issued debit and credit cards. Throughout my training and internship, I continued to write technical articles on my blog and for freeCodeCamp, earning recognition as one of their top contributors in 2022.

I also interned as a technical writer at Software Freedom Conservancy (Outreachy), where I worked on improving the Editor Guide documentation for Wagtail. This experience introduced me to the Wagtail community and sparked my interest in contributing to the project.

At the moment, I'm employed at a technical writing agency called DocumentWrite.

During my leisure time, I enjoy contributing to open-source projects. This rewarding activity has provided me with the opportunity to contribute to both the AsyncAPI and CHAOSS projects. When I'm not writing code or documentation, I enjoy going for long walks, spending time with friends, and watching documentaries.

Now that you know a little about me, let's dive into the details of the project I'll be working on with Wagtail as part of the Google Season of Docs (GSoD) 2023 program.

About the Wagtail Google Season of Docs 2023 Project

The GSoD program presents the Wagtail community with a great opportunity to enhance and modernize their developer documentation. Having learning resources that include many of the improvements and updates that have been made to Wagtail would help more community members, particularly new members, learn how to use the latest versions of Wagtail. This will also encourage them to explore the newer features that Wagtail offers.

To achieve this goal, here are the main things I'll be working on:

  1. Auditing and updating the current Wagtail Get Started tutorial.
  2. Reviewing the Wagtail Bakery to determine which parts I can convert into tutorials.
  3. Creating a series of tutorials that can guide new users through the process of building their own deployable Wagtail website using the latest version of Wagtail.

As I develop the tutorials, I'll be working with the Wagtail community and the core team to gather feedback and make sure the tutorials are useful for new users, open-source beginners, and new contributors.

This project is scheduled to run for six months. I'll be sharing monthly updates on the project's development and I hope that you will follow along with my progress.