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11 May 2023

Going Green with Google Summer of Code

Meet two people who will help us make Wagtail greener

Meagen Voss

Meagen Voss

Wagtail community manager

Wagtail bird next to the GSoC logo

Two Wagtail proposals were accepted by Google Summer of Code this year. Considering all the great contributions our collaborators made last year, we're stoked to see what our collaborators can achieve this year.

As an open source project, we have already committed to making our community as welcoming as possible and to create a project with accessibility as a core focus. We want to take our commitment to fostering positive change further by making our coding practices greener so that our project can contribute to reducing the impact of web technology on the environment.

Both collaborators this year will be working on the same project. They'll be looking at ways to make our own codebase and practices greener as well as exploring opportunities that would give Wagtail users options for making their projects more sustainable. These are some of the things they'll be experimenting with:

  • Exploring ways to serve images more efficiently
  • Investigating new options for template caching
  • Lighter YouTube embeds
  • Speeding up our tests to reduce server load
  • Optimising frontend styles and scripts
  • Improving the caching infrastructure for Wagtail admin

Now that you have an idea what the project is about, come meet our two collaborators for 2023.

Paarth Agarwal

This is a picture of Paarth Agarwal sitting in his coding chair with a tiny tiger toy peeking over his left shoulder.

You might remember Paarth from last year's UX Unification project. Paarth had an incredibly productive project with us and contributed over 50 pull requests to Wagtail. He'll be focusing on helping us make our Wagtail frontend code greener. Paarth will be starting his fourth year at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) and loves contributing to various open source projects in his spare time.

Aman Pandey

This is an image of Aman Pandey standing on the rooftop of his school wearing a blue shirt and holding a backpack.

Aman is a third-year student pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Abdul Kalam Technical University. He is a contributor to both the Wagtail and Django projects as well as Greenbery, a relatively new Python-based programming language. He will focusing on helping us make different parts of the Wagtail backend greener. When Aman isn't studying, he plays badminton professionally. He also enjoys chess and origami.

The mentors for this year's project will include two members of the Wagtail core team: Thibaud Colas and Sage Abdullah from Torchbox. We're also very happy to Chris Adams from The Green Web Foundation joining the project as well and are looking forward to benefiting from his expertise.

We're looking forward to sharing our progress with you at the end of the season. To get the latest information on the project, stay tuned to this blog or sign up for our newsletter.