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This week in Wagtail

A (mostly) weekly email with updates from the Wagtail core team.

Issue #136

This week we have some great tips for building great forms in Wagtail. That, on top of our usual news, package updates, and keen sense of humor.

Issue #135

Curious what's coming up in Wagtail? We have a roadmap for that. Plus our usual collection of community news, package updates, and other items.

Issue #134

This week, we talk about a great new addition that's coming to the Wagtail start command along with our usual community news and package updates.

Issue #133

Couldn't catch a ride to Scotland for DjangoCon Europe? We share some of our favourite highlights along with our usual news and package updates.

Issue #132

Global Accessibility Awareness Day may have been last week. But we had so much great accessibility information to share, we broke it up into two parts.