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This week in Wagtail

A (mostly) weekly email with updates from the Wagtail core team.

Issue #131

Global Accessibility Awareness Day was yesterday, and we're marking the occasion with some Wagtail accessibility tips backed by data!

Issue #130

We're collaborating on some great community projects with Google this year. Get the details on those as well as the latest round of package updates.

Issue #129

Wagtail 5.0 is here! Say hello to Dark mode, SVG support, and other features that will make your Wagtail experience even better.

Issue #128

AI is blowing up the Internet. So, this seemed like a good time to spotlight some ways Wagtail community members are experimenting with AI. Plus, your favourite news and such.

Issue #127

The Wagtail 5.0 release candidate is available now. Some reasons why you should test it as well as news and other Wagtail happenings.