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This week in Wagtail

A (mostly) weekly email with updates from the Wagtail core team.

Issue #126

Get a peek inside the head of our Lead Product Designer as he walks through the updates we made to the Wagtail page editor. Plus our usual links and news and such.

Issue #125

The spotlight is on our new accessibility checker this week. Come learn about the current rules the checker includes and get your usual dose of community news and package updates.

Issue #124

We're taking a look at what headless is all about this week. What's hype, what's not hype, and some things you can consider for making your Wagtail projects headless-ready. Plus, our usual collection of community updates.

Issue #123

We're exploring how to find code examples, starter templates and other resources for fleshing out Wagtail projects this week. Plus, our usual rundown of community news, events, and package updates.

Issue #122

If you missed What's New in Wagtail, fear not. We have a quick recap of some of the main highlights this, plus news on Google Summer of Code 2023 and our usual roundup of community links.