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26 May 2022

Wagtail CMS projects for Google Summer of Code 2022

We have some great projects and contributors lined up for Google Summer of Code this year

Meagen Voss

Meagen Voss

Wagtail community manager

This image shows a vast blue ocean with a ray of sunlight shining on the Wagtail bird logo and the Google Summer of Code sun logo.

We're excited to announce that Google has offered to fund three Wagtail proposals through the Google Summer of Code program for 2022. Those proposals include:

Contrast Themes by Anuja Raj Verma

Anuja will be helping us expand the accessibility of Wagtail by developing new features to support Windows High Contrast mode in Wagtail. These features will help make the Wagtail admin interface more legible and comfortable to use for users who need more control over their color settings. The mentors for this project will be core contributor Thibaud Colas from Torchbox, frontend developer Jane Hughes from Torchbox, and core contributor Scott Cranfill from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Editor's Guide - A standalone project by Hitansh Shah

Editors rejoice! Hitansh will be helping us create a standalone version of the Wagtail Editor's Guide. Currently, the Editor's Guide is included as a section within the Wagtail documentation, which can make it hard for editors to find and even harder for them to provide feedback on. This standalone project will also make it easier for organizations to copy and customize their own versions of the guide. The lead mentor for this project will be Wagtail product manager Phil Dexter from Torchbox and he will be supported by core contributer Coen van der Kamp from Four Digits and Wagtail Community Manager Meagen Voss from Torchbox.

Toolkit for StreamField data migrations in Wagtail by Sandil Ranasinghe

This project should have all Wagtail developers vibrating with excitement because Sandil's project will help make your data migrations less painful. This toolkit will give developers a set of tools to help make relevant changes to the database when they make updates or changes to StreamField blocks and reduce the number of migration headaches our community currently endures. The mentors for this project will be core contributors Jacob Topp-Mugglestone and Karl Hobley from Torchbox.

Additional project supported by Torchbox

In addition to the proposals chosen by Google, Torchbox has extended an offer to a fourth applicant to complete their proposal. That proposal is:

UX Unification by Paarth Agarwal

Paarth will be focusing on making the UX throughout Wagtail more consistent. With the release of Wagtail 3.0, some UX updates have already been rolled out. But through Paarth's efforts, the new styles will be extended to additional components within the admin interface and additional accessibility fixes will be incorporated.

Our core contributor LB will be the lead mentor for this project, supported by his employer Virgin Australia. Additional support mentors are Thibaud Colas, a core contributor from Torchbox, and Helen Chapman, the frontend team lead at Torchbox.

Massive congratulations to Anuja, Hitansh, Sandil and Paarth! We're looking forward to your contributions this summer!

Thank you again to everyone who submitted proposals. We know how hard you worked and truly appreciate your effort. We're so very fortunate to have so many talented people within the Wagtail community.