No-code options

The quickest way to get a feel for what the Wagtail experience is like for content managers and editors on a fully built website is to explore our Wagtail Bakery demo. This demo comes pre-populated with images and articles to show you show how Wagtail works with content loaded into it. You can try posting your own content about your favorite bread too (or your favorite fruit; don't let our bread theme hold you back!). Let's look at a couple quick ways you can get the Wagtail Bakery up and running.

Live demo

We have a demo that updates every night with the newest version of Wagtail and the Wagtail Bakery in it. You can access the demo with the username admin and the password changeme.

Access the demo here


The quickest no-code way to launch the Wagtail Bakery is through Gitpod. Here are the steps:

  • Sign up for a free GitHub account if you don't have one already.
  • Click the big green button below.
  • Access the Wagtail login by adding /admin to the end of the URL in the preview browser.
  • Log in with the username admin and the password changeme.
  • Have fun playing around with Wagtail! Add a page, delete a blog post, replace the bread pictures with kittens. This site is your playground.

Note: Your changes will not save in Gitpod if you close it. Be sure to copy anything you want to keep.

Play with the Wagtail Bakery in Gitpod


Heroku is another quick no-code option to set up the Wagtail Bakery on the cloud. Here are the steps:

  • Sign up for a free Heroku account if you don't have one already.
  • Open a fresh tab with a copy of our handy guide to trying Wagtail on Heroku.
  • Click the big green button below.
  • Enter a name like wagtailbakerydemo in the app name field.
  • Click the Deploy app button.
  • Follow the steps in our guide for some ideas on what to play with. Create a post or a page, add or destroy blocks, fill up the home page with bread puns (because they always rise to the occasion). This version of the Bakery is yours to play with until you delete it.
Play with the Wagtail Bakery in Heroku

Options for developers

If you're a developer or a really curious superuser who isn't afraid of the command line, then these are the quickest ways for you to get your hands on the code and see why developers love Wagtail so much.

Play with Wagtail code on Gitpod

If you're itching to try the code right away without installing anything on your own machine, you can launch a brand new Wagtail project in Gitpod with one click*. This will set up an entirely blank Wagtail site for you to start from so you can create your own models and pages.

*A GitHub account is required.

Launch Wagtail on Gitpod

Play with the Wagtail Bakery

If you want to get a sense for what the Wagtail code looks like in a more complete project, then you'll want to explore the Wagtail Bakery demo. See the "No-code options" section for instructions on how to launch the bakery in Gitpod or Heroku. You can also install the demo locally on your machine by following the instructions in the README file for the wagtail/bakerydemo GitHub repository.

Go to the Wagtail Bakery on GitHub

Starting a new Wagtail site from scratch

One of the best ways you can learn Wagtail is to build a completely new Wagtail website from scratch. Try our tutorial to get a feel for what the Wagtail development experience is like and see why so many developers enjoy building sites with Wagtail.

Build your first site on Wagtail

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