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15 Jun 2020

Announcing Wagtail sub teams

Welcoming more diverse contributions

Thibaud Colas

Thibaud Colas

Wagtail core team

Group shot of all participants to Wagtail Space Arnhem 2019, waving at the camera, in the Four Digits HQ

Starting today, we introduce Wagtail sub teams to involve more of our community with the project’s governance. Wagtail would benefit from the input of a wider variety of community members, and we want to make it as easy as possible for people with various backgrounds to get involved with the project.

Those new teams will complement the existing Wagtail core team, providing valuable expertise and drive for the teams’ respective areas of interest – for example internationalisation, user experience, or search.

Our new teams 🎉

Here are the initial teams we decided to form, following the sub team RFC:


The accessibility team focuses on improvements to the accessibility of Wagtail, and of websites built with Wagtail. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level or background. Join the #accessibility channel on the Wagtail Slack.

We meet every two weeks to discuss our work (time TBC depending on participants’ timezones) – 30min chat, discuss each others’ progress, take actions.


Documentation is a crucial part of the Wagtail open source project. It helps people get started, and explains how to use Wagtail. Improving the documentation is the mission of the documentation team.

Some long term goals are:

  • Reorganise the documentation into clear sections.
  • Move the user guide into a seperate project.
  • Start supporting translations.

Please join the Documentation team. #documentation on Slack.

Getting involved

We’re of course looking forward to people getting involved with those new teams! We hope there will be more sub teams in the future (suggestions welcome!) – if you’re interested in forming a team, or just want to follow discussions, join the Wagtail Slack.

Photo credit: Wagtail Space Arnhem 2018, at Four Digits.