22 Feb 2023

Contributors webinar: Plans for Stimulus in Wagtail

We’re organising a webinar for Wagtail contributors interested in learning more about our usage of Stimulus

Loveth Omokaro

Loveth Omokaro

Outreachy intern at Wagtail

We have come a long way from having no Wagtail UI component using the Stimulus framework to having more than seven. It hasn't been easy, for both my mentors and I . All the time they spent reviewing my PRs, making suggestions and sharing resources with me regardless of their busy schedule. It's great to see how far we've come in pushing through with the conversions.

Since there are still a lot of components that haven't been converted to Stimulus, my mentors have decided to create some Stimulus related issues in order to hasten the implementation.

And for that reason, we'll be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 28th February 2023.

Update: recordings available!

Our webinar

There are two available times so people can join across many time zones:

We're going to talk about Stimulus as a framework and why we decided to adopt it in Wagtail. We're also going to demo a simple conversion of Wagtail UI component to Stimulus. All this is because we want any contributor interested in the Stimulus Wagtail project to be able to contribute. There is going to be a Q&A session where we get to answer any questions or doubts about the project.

You're all invited to join the webinar! If you aren't able to join the first session, you can join the second one. Recordings will be made available for each of the sessions.

I hope to see you at the webinar!! Do come with lots of goodies🥰 . Thanks for reading!