13 May 2015

Development updates, 13th May 2015

Brace yourselves, 1.0 is coming. Luckily, it is not scary as the winter from Game of Thrones.

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Torchbox development

It has been over a month since our last update. We did not go in hibernation. Quite the opposite. 

Since 1.0b1 was released, Wagtail got over 350 commits with bug fixes and many improvements. Among them, full Django 1.8 support, additional code linting using flake8 and proper JavaScript linting, kindly submitted by JoshBarr in#1237. You can also follow the Wagtail CSS coding style in the docs.

With this release, we are making big steps towards improving the developer experience (DX). Thanks to Tim Heap we are close to removing libsass as a dependency, making it a requirement only for core development, rather than an out-of-box project dependency. There is also an updated, non-opinionated vanilla project template about to be merged into master. 

We will be looking at introducing an AbstractPage class to allow base page fields to be customized per project. 

Furthermore, we feel it an important step to provide user on-boarding via creating a site root, adding a site and gentle nudging towards building the project models.

Community updates

Our talented friends from Springload got together for a weekend hackathon and the result is - a simple and clean showcase of websites built using Wagtail. Incidentally, was made with Wagtail! You can read all about it on Springload blog.

Over at Revolution Systems, Frank Wiles wonders whether Wagtail 1.0 (beta) [is the] best Django CMS?, while Adam Lord from Tivix provides a quick tutorial on working with ManyToMany fields in Wagtail.

Our own Matthew Westcott wrote about StreamField in "Rich text fields and faster horses".


We are holding an internal documentation sprint this Thursday, May 14. As a general rule of thumb, all general Wagtail developer info lives at, while core developer docs are on the repo Wiki (

Apart from the massive 1.0 release, we will provide a working demo site that will be rebuilt nightly. Watch this space for our approach to Wagtail deployments.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank all contributors. Each opened issue, bug report and submitted pull request helps us make Wagtail better.