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20 Oct 2021

Google's Summer of Code 2021 Wrap-up

This year Wagtail joined Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) for the first time. GSoC is a global program focused on bringing student developers into open-source software development.

Coen van der Kamp

Coen van der Kamp

Wagtail core team

A Wagtail in a field

Photo by Bob Brewer on Unsplash, resampled by me.

We started with a request for proposals in spring. Three proposals were selected: bulk actions, a new database search backend, and Wagtail Live. We were offered GSoC slots from Google. Torchbox decided to sponsor one student. 🙏

Bulk actions by Shohan Duttaroy

Bulk actions are the checkboxes in front of list items. Selecting multiple checkboxes and applying an action updates the selected items in one go. Actions can change the workflow state, delete items, or do something custom. Bulk actions are available on the list views of pages, images, documents, and snippets.

Shohan did a great job. He was mentored by Dan Braghis and collaborated with designers. His work was no easy task, it touched all facets of development.

Bulk actions will be available in Wagtail 2.15.

New search backend by Aldán Creo

The new search backend simplifies the search configuration and supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. It automatically detects the database type used, knows what search features are available and how to use them. The search backend unlocks the full-text search feature on SQLite databases.

Aldán worked with his mentor Karl Hobley. Some technical challenges were moving and refactoring existing code.

The new search backend will be available in Wagtail 2.15.

Wagtail Live by Tidiane Dia

Wagtail Live is a Wagtail CMS package to create live blog pages.

With Wagtail Live reporters can instantly publish to a live blog by submitting messages via apps like Telegram and Slack. The audience can read the posts right away as the live blog page instantly updates.

Tidiane was mentored by me. He did a great job and exceeded all expectations.

Wagtail Live is available on Github and PyPi.

Thank you

Thank you Shohan Duttaroy, Aldán Creo and Tidiane Dia. You provided outstanding results and were a joy to work with. A lot of Wagtail users will enjoy your contributions. We wish you all the best.

A big thanks to all the mentors. I mentioned the primary mentors, but many people co-mentored and assisted the students. Thank you for all your efforts and support.

Wagtail is part of the Django mentor organization, which made it much easier for Wagtail to join GSoC. A big thank you to Django. You rock!

Thank you, Google for organizing GSoC. This program is a great contribution to open-source and a great experience for students and mentors. 👏