22 Oct 2021

Highlights of Wagtail 2.15

The release of Wagtail 2.15 is scheduled for early November. The update will include several enhancements that developers and editors are excited about.

Phil Dexter

Phil Dexter

Product Manager

Improved support for tables

We're pleased to say Wagtail 2.15 contains native support for tables within StreamField, giving editors a wide range of field types (e.g. rich text, images) and great flexibility. This feature was developed by Matt Westcott, and sponsored by YouGov.

Bulk actions

Bulk actions are here

It's official: bulk actions have arrived! In Torchbox's last What's new in Wagtail event, this highly anticipated feature was teased, and we're pleased to include it in Wagtail 2.15. Pages, Users, Documents and Images all get the treatment - so you have more time to make that elusive cup of tea instead of clicking around. This feature was developed by Shohan Dutta Roy and was developed as part of the Google Summer of Code.

You changed my Snippet!

2.15 includes history for both Snippets and ModelAdmin. This starts to bring them closer to pages, though they currently still lack revisions or draft and published statuses.


Site history, supercharged

The Site history report was introduced in Wagtail 2.10. This was the first time content managers had a simple way to monitor content across their sites. Wagtail 2.15 enhances this report even further. It now displays changes for Snippets, Users and ModelAdmin, which makes website management much easier. As always, it's been designed to be extendable so developers can easily log against their own objects. This feature, as well as the Snippet history, was developed by Matt Westcott, and sponsored by The Motley Fool.

Full-text search

Search is critical for any CMS. We're happy to announce that Wagtail 2.15 now includes a new search backend. It now supports full-text search for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MariaDB databases. This feature was developed by Aldán Creo as part of Google Summer of Code.

Dates and events

We plan to release Wagtail 2.15 in the first week of November, but we encourage users to test it now using the release candidate. Tune into our upcoming What's new in Wagtail webinar for a peek at some future changes (including the newly reimagined page editor).

If you'd like more detail on any of these features, or to see what else is included in the release, take a look at the official release notes.

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