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7 Jan 2022

An exciting opportunity to help drive the next phase of Wagtail’s growth

Torchbox is on the look out for a new Partnerships and Community Manager to join the team and become a key figure and voice in the Wagtail community.

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Will Heinemann

Torchbox New Business Director

With a roll call of amazing organisations like the UK National Health Service, NASA JPL, Mozilla (and tens of thousands more) using and contributing to Wagtail, a product vision for 2023 and an active ecosystem of big name sponsors, it’s an exciting time to help drive the next phase of Wagtail’s growth. 

What we’ve got planned 

Alongside delivering a roadmap of product enhancements in Wagtail, including building a next-generation page editor, our growth goals are to: 

  • Nurture and grow Wagtail’s awesome community by growing already popular Wagtail events like What’s New in Wagtail webinar and Wagtail Space. We’re also keen on developing new ‘Wagtail communities of practice’ (e.g for non-profits in the UK or higher education organisations in the US) to get people get the most out of Wagtail and become Wagtail advocates and evangelists;
  • Increase Wagtail’s profile and appeal via great content marketing, delivering demos to potential Wagtail users and clients and bringing new products and services to market; 
  • Ensure Wagtail remains a thriving project by driving commercial services (like Wagtail developer support) and growing our pool of core feature sponsors; 
  • Get more people to use Wagtail by increasing Wagtail’s reach and improving the onboarding process;  
  • Build great partnerships with other technology providers and Wagtail agencies. 

Finding the right person 

To help make this a reality, we’re looking for someone to join our close-knit team of developers, designers, product managers and marketeers. Someone who is just as passionate as we are about building and growing the best open source CMS around.

If this sounds like your dream job then please find out more about the role and apply here. Or, if you know anyone within or outside the Wagtail community that would be a great fit, then please share this blog with them. Thanks!