13 Jan 2015

Team meeting notes 13th January

Issue queue, process, roadmap and more.

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Torchbox development

Github activity pulse January 6 - January 13 2015

This past week was a quiet week for committed code. Yet the GitHub issue queue is slimmer and a tad more manageable.

A steady growing number of open issues is becoming difficult to manage. @davecranwell did a great job at triaging the issue queue. This allowed @gasman to continue his StreamField integration.

StreamField progress

There is now a StreamField feature branch in the Wagtail repository. You can find setup notes on issue #823
Currently implemented:

  • Round-trip of data from the database to the edit form and back again
  • Structural blocks (stream, struct, list) including nesting to arbitrary depth
  • Addition / removal of list / stream items
  • Attaching Javascript handlers of arbitrary complexity

Not yet implemented:

  • Styling
  • List and stream item reordering
  • Front-end rendering
  • Validation and error reporting
  • Proper block types for image/document/snippet chooser, rich text, and anything else that FieldBlock doesn not cover
  • Making StreamFields work inside InlinePanels.


Next, we discussed the development and support processes. We will watch the issue queue closer for items assigned for each one of us. We hope to have faster response, PR review and followup times. 

When not enaged in major feature development, team members will help more with triage and answer questions on the mailing lists.

We had several pull requests that were reviewed and required minor changes to be accepted. Some have gone without an update or activity for too long. We recognize that the contributers may not be able to answer in a timely fashion. Thus, when the required changes are minor, we will try to merge the pull request and commit the change ourselves.


There is now a new wiki page for the Roadmap after a number of questions about it on the discussion group.  It is currently a rough draft which we will polish and expand in the coming days. There are plans for an API. We will open an RFC issue to gather feedback, similar to Willow or StreamField.

We are also considering having a few sprints to get 0.8.4, 0.9 out of the window.

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