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17 Feb 2015

Team meeting notes 17th February

Wagtail 0.8.5 and progress report.

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Github activity image February 10 - February 17

Things are picking up in the Wagtail repository. Today we are happy to announce the release of Wagtail 0.8.5. It comes with a handful of bug fixes and is ready for download.

The 0.8.5 release marks 15 total Wagtail releases. As it went live, we hit another small milestone -- 1000 GitHub issues! Big thanks to everyone who submitted issues and pull requests.

Last but not least, the StreamField sprint was a very good exercise and progressed development by a quite a margin. While not fully polished, the development version is in used on a new client build. We closed off a large number of UX and interaction issues already. With a few more left, we are pushing for a 0.9 release candidate in the coming couple of weeks.

As ever, do have a look at the 0.9 milestone. All help is much appreciated.