20 Jan 2015

Team meeting notes 20th January

Internal demos. StreamField and the Wagtail API

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Github activity pulse January 13 - January 20 2015


Today was an exciting day. @gasman demoed StreamField in Wagtail. You can follow the development on the `feature/streamfield-frontend` branch in wagtail-demo.

We discussed potential developer experience issues and ways to avoid confusion with custom StreamField blocks.

The following outstanding tasks prevent StreamField from being merged into Wagtail core:

  • StreamField definition in models for migrations
  • Field validation
  • Ordering
  • Standard block types. (e.g. wysiwyg)
  • Values vs rendered markup for custom fields (e.g. `item.render.FIELD` or `item.get_FIELD_display`)
  • UI polish. It has been decided that the editing interface will make use of more icons.

Wagtail API

A yet unnamed generous source has commissioned us to develop an API for Wagtail. @kaedroho demoed a promising proof-of-concept. He is working hard to release it before the end of next week.

The API was designed to be compatible with the Django REST framework. It will support caching and cache invalidation.

Our plan is to release the first version as a contributed app in its own repository. Wagtail core will incorporate it in the next major release.

Stay tuned for more.

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