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27 Jan 2015

Team meeting notes 27th January

Set your calendar to, 01, 27) + datetime.timedelta(weeks = 2) till StreamField.

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Github activity pulse January 20 - January 27

Two weeks from now, we expect a fully useable StreamField implementation. @gsman revisited early design decisions to accomodate moving StreamField into Wagtail models. This brings a needed and long due refactoring of edit handlers, better unit tests and structural changes. . Unfotunately, it does mean the much awaited feature is not yet ready. On the flip side, Wagtail changes towards better user experience. One such improvement will be less model name repetitions in InlinePanels (related). 

@gasman will soon update the documentation on building custom StreamField blocks. We will then follow it up with a blog post with relevant bits on what block types we envision in Wagtail. And what is involved in creating more default block type.


Last week we announced that an API is in the works. @kaedroho gave the API a home -

You can follow issue #926 for further details. You can also chip in with feedback and suggestions.


One big item on today's agenda was our community. 

The Wagtail team is small and some times questions, issues and pull requests were left hanging. 

Yet we know we can do better.  We can do much better at providing feedback, replying to queries and review pull requests. We will invest more time and resources in the community and the issue queue.

We can do better at recognizing and featuring our contributors. Without your contributions, Wagtail would be worse and slower to improve. Thank you!


We are incredibly happy to see and increased interest in Wagtail. Thank you for the reviews, endorsements, submitted issue and pull requests.

We are humbled and excited by the great websites built with Wagtail. You can see the list on the Wiki. Do send us updates and add your website to the list.

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