2 Dec 2014

Team meeting notes 2nd December

Welcome to the first installment of our weekly Wagtail development notes.

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Wagtail Github activity November 25 - December 2 2014

The Wagtail team is busy working on version 0.9. This will be our most significant release since launch, bringing features that we hope will make editors and site builders very happy.

Up until now, we've tried to stick to a monthly release schedule, each month bringing a new major release. Because of the extra work that's involved in 0.9, we've decided to revise our releases approach a bit.

As such, version 0.8 becomes a long-term support (LTS) version. We'll create minor releases with fixes to critical bugs as needed. 

Wagtail 0.9 will be our first release to drop Django 1.6 support. This will result in a cleaner codebase, enhancements and overall better developer experience.

As always, we're open to suggestions and grateful for pull requests!