3 Mar 2015

Team meeting notes 3rd Mar 2015

A small step among the hundreds of commits, a big step for Wagtail.

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Torchbox development

Today's meeting was dedicated entirely to the long awaited 0.9 release. We are not there yet. However we are happy to announce that the StreamField branch has been merged into master and is now feature complete!

@gasman is currently updating the documentation and is working on a simpler migration path from existing RichText fields to StreamField. It is worth noting that the easiest way to adopt StreamField on an existing project is to create new fields, rather than change the existing ones. In case you will choose the latter, non-JSON values will be treated as empty values, thus any non-migrated data will be lost upon save.

The plan is to: 

  1. Prepare a 0.9 Release Candidate in the coming days
  2. Work on the remainin 0.9 open issues such as MySQL support, revision created_at field and a few others
  3. Address any issues reported for the RC
  4. Release 0.9 in a couple of weeks time

We hope to get the new release out of the door as soon as possible. All helping hands are welcomed and appreciated. If you are looking for something to help with, issue #1033 would be a great start.