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6 Jan 2015

Team meeting notes 6th January

The Wagtail team are back in play after a good holiday slumber.

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Torchbox development

Github activity pulse December 30 2014 - January 6 2015

oday's meeting was focused on StreamField and the road to 1.0.

@gasman has made good progress on StreamField since last team meeting. He is working on moving it into Wagtail. This will allow the front-end team to polish the interface, add sensible default icons and weed out any issues that arise. There's a rough concept of the UI/UX on the Torchbox Playground. The Wagtail incarnation will see sensible default icons and field reordering.

@kaedroho has been busy with Willow, a new Python image library that sits on top of Pillow, Wand and OpenCV. His pull requests have been reviewed and will land into Wagtail shortly.

The road to Wagtail 1.0 has seen a great number of improvements. Along the way we've had to make some hard decisions that may result in some API breakage. Dropping Django 1.6 is the first of them since Wagtail 0.6. There may be a few more as the project matures, but we will try to keep them to a minimum.

As always, we are grateful for all your pull requests, bug reports and continued support.

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