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30 Jun 2014

Wagtail 0.4: scheduled publishing, private pages, caching, and more

June’s Wagtail release sees the introduction of a set of small but perfectly formed functional enhancements which offer more power and flexibility to editors and developers alike.

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For editors

  • Private pages: want to protect a page or section of your site behind a password?  This can now easily be done from the Explorer interface, where you can choose to make a page public or private (with a password).

  • Scheduled publishing: you can now set a time and date both for publishing and/or unpublishing pages on the ‘Settings’ tab.

  • Custom notifications: choose whether or not to receive notification emails when a page needs moderation, or when content you’ve authored is approved (or rejected…)

For developers

In addition to support for Python 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4, we’ve added the following:

  • Frontend cache invalidation: if your site sits behind a frontend cache like Varnish or Squid for performance reasons then Wagtail can now be configured to purge the frontend cache when content is updated which ensures that users are not served outdated content

  • Sitemap.xml generation: Wagtail can now help you to maximise your site’s visibility to Google by automatically generating a sitemap.xml file for you.

  • Search on a QuerySet: you can now use ElasticSearch to search across QuerySets of Pages (for example all live pages, all pages of a certain type with a specific parent, etc.)

In addition we’ve made many more tweaks and enhancements, all of which you can read about along with the documentation for the new features and upgrade considerations in the Release Notes.