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31 Mar 2015

Wagtail 1.0... beta1

So 1.0 is the new 0.9 -OR- StreamField is in and we are excited to announce that Wagtail 1.0 beta 1 has been released!

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Torchbox development

The version bump reflects the fact that this is the most significant update to Wagtail since the initial release. Headline items this time include the eagerly-awaited StreamField, a new editing model for freeform content which promises to put an end to overloading rich text fields (further background) and official support for MySQL. 

For the full list of updates and upgrade considerations, see the release notes.

A major release like this demands plenty of testing, and so we'd like to invite the Wagtail community to try out these new features in advance of the full 1.0 release. There are a couple of known graphical glitches in the page editor which we'll be addressing over the next week or two, but functionally it's ready to put to work... 

To install:

pip install "wagtail==1.0b1"

or, on an existing project, update your requirements file to:


Be aware that this release drops support for Django 1.6 (along with Python 2.6, Python 3.2 and Elasticsearch 0.90.x), and so you will need to upgrade your project to Django 1.7 in advance of upgrading Wagtail. (You may find Joss Ingram's blog post on this useful.)

We hope you enjoy the new features, and we look forward to seeing what you build on Wagtail 1.0!