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13 Jan 2022

Wagtail developer jobs: where to look

Looking for a Wagtail job? Or to hire a developer? Here are good places to check.

Thibaud Colas

Thibaud Colas

Wagtail core team

There are more options than you might think! Wagtail being based on Django, anyone with a Django skillset will be productive with Wagtail. As such, this list is equally relevant when searching for or advertising Django developer jobs.


This is my favourite option by far, with the #jobs channel in the Wagtail Slack. Our Slack workspace is very active, with #jobs being one of the most viewed channels. Using chat also makes it much simpler for people to have a conversation about a given job offer.

Here is a screenshot of the workspace’s statistics, showing 250 weekly active users:

Line chart of Weekly active Wagtail Slack members and messages posted, over December 2021 and January 2022. For Monday 10/01, there were 247 active members and 55 who posted messages


This is a good option but the lead time is high, as there are only a few ad placements available per week.


There are a lot of great options here, with a good number of events recurring every year.

Job listings

General-purpose job sites are always worth looking at for job offers matching “Wagtail” or “Django”. There are also a few specialised job boards:

Wagtail developers

Last but not least, Made with Wagtail developer profiles list 200+ organisations that create Wagtail sites, some of which likely will be hiring. The profiles are ordered by number of Wagtail sites published, which helps getting a sense of the size of an organisation’s Wagtail practice.