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27 Jan 2022

Wagtail’s domain migration

Wagtail migrates from to

Jake Howard

Jake Howard

Senior Systems Engineer at Torchbox

If you’re reading this blog post, something very subtle has changed since the last time you read one of our blog posts. Where in the past, your address bar read, it now reads Today, The Wagtail project begins its migration from to


There are political reasons why using the .io Top-Level Domain (TLD) may not be ideal. Additionally, we feel .org is more appropriate for an open source organisation like Wagtail.

What has changed?

Wagtail’s domain is referenced in a few key places, all of which have been updated:

Nothing else is changing. The docs are still the same great resource, the blog is still the same great blog, Wagtail is still the same great CMS. Just the URLs and domain you use to access them has changed.

What do I need to do?

If all goes well, then absolutely nothing! You should be reading this post from the new domain, and everything else on the site will work exactly as it did before. The whole team has taken great care to ensure that any existing links will keep working, and any old references have been updated. Any links or references you previously had will redirect to their new home.

Release checking

Whilst this change will make no difference to the vast majority of you, to a select few it may. When loaded, Wagtail’s admin helpfully prompts you as to whether a newer version of Wagtail is available. This check is done by sending a request to to retrieve what the latest released version is, both of the LTS and stable version paths.

Starting with the upcoming Wagtail 2.16 release, this check is being moved to If you add any additional protections around your wagtail site, for example a Content Security Policy, you may need to change this to take into account the new domain.

For users of previous Wagtail versions, will still work, and will continue to work. We have no intention of turning off this service, and the versions it reports will continue to update at the same time as (behind the scenes, they read from the same source).

Security notifications

With this change, Wagtail’s security notification address is also changing. Previously, to securely contact Wagtail’s security team, to responsibly notify them of a security issue in Wagtail, you could email [email protected]. Now, with the new domain, you should contact [email protected]. These contact instructions are reflected in Wagtail’s security policy. Emails sent to the old address will still make their way to the security team, however we strongly recommend using the new address.


We hope the impact of this change is as minimal as possible, however if you have spotted a problem, or something isn’t working related to this change, please do let us know by emailing [email protected].