25 Jul 2018

Wagtail’s first hatch backers

Thanks to every backer of our crowdfunding campaign for better StreamField & forms in Wagtail!

Bertrand Bordage

Bertrand Bordage

Full stack developer & director of NoriPyt

Wagtail’s first hatch

The first Wagtail crowdfunding campaign, Wagtail’s first hatch, was a big success!

Thanks to your support, these two major goals were reached:

  • building brand new StreamField & InlinePanel user interfaces
  • building a new form builder based on StreamField

NoriPyt, the company behind this campaign, is currently working hard to deliver the new StreamField & InlinePanel UIs in August.

Like the other new fancy editor tools (the Draftail text editor & the page explorer), the new StreamField & InlinePanel UIs are built using React. This gives a lot of flexibility for future developments such as reverting block moves & deletions.

For more detail on the ongoing development and the discussions, read the Request For Comments.

All of this was made possible thanks to all these awesome sponsors & backers! Great to see lots of new names in the Wagtail world!


Lacey Williams Henschel
Clothilde Bordage
LB Johnston
Andy Babic
Martin Sandström
Yusup Khasbulatov
Andreas Morgenstern
Phillip Marshall
Timo Rieber
Nikolai Røed Kristiansen
Gert Van Gool
Paul Fels
Millie Lin
Dieter Dehaemers
Julian C.
Ilia Ravemd
Phil J Cox
Florian Perrot
Tim White
Alex Simpson
Florian Kleber
Chris Franson
Andy Chosak
Krzysztof Jeziorny
Yannick Moussette
Jeremy Chen
Steffen Exler
Benoît Vogel
Bill Torcaso
Craig Richardson
Alexander Lifanov
Naveenkumar Vijayakumar
Michal Kalman
Guillaume Milon
J Cotton
Kenneth Love
Ben Petty
Udit Agarwal
Florent Osmont
Tom White
Marco Peña
Chris Adams
Michael Herman
Jesse Menn
Dusty Gamble
Dan Rodriguez
Jean Hominal
Alain Gelinas
Wassilios Lytras