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25 Jul 2018

Wagtail’s first hatch backers

Thanks to every backer of our crowdfunding campaign for better StreamField & forms in Wagtail!

Bertrand Bordage

Bertrand Bordage

Full stack developer & director of NoriPyt

Wagtail’s first hatch

The first Wagtail crowdfunding campaign, Wagtail’s first hatch, was a big success!

Thanks to your support, these two major goals were reached:

  • building brand new StreamField & InlinePanel user interfaces
  • building a new form builder based on StreamField

NoriPyt, the company behind this campaign, is currently working hard to deliver the new StreamField & InlinePanel UIs in August.

Like the other new fancy editor tools (the Draftail text editor & the page explorer), the new StreamField & InlinePanel UIs are built using React. This gives a lot of flexibility for future developments such as reverting block moves & deletions.

For more detail on the ongoing development and the discussions, read the Request For Comments.

All of this was made possible thanks to all these awesome sponsors & backers! Great to see lots of new names in the Wagtail world!