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26 Mar 2023

Wagtail’s new Developer Relations team

We’re setting up a new contributors team for people interested in developer relations

Thibaud Colas

Thibaud Colas

Wagtail core team

We’re now kickstarting a new developer relations team for Wagtail, to oversee how we engage with our community of developers. Sounds interesting? Consider joining!

Developer relations

As a general term, Developer Relations (or DevRel) is an umbrella term covering the relationships between Wagtail and developers within the project’s community. This encompasses marketing, training, community management, and other community-focused activities.

In the case of Wagtail – this could mean helping with our documentation site, or helping organise events such as Wagtail Space. Or simply contributing developer experience focused improvements to the CMS.

Team project ideas

We’ve discussed a few project ideas that feel relevant already, though the team will decide for themselves once up and running:

  • Maintaining ready-to-use Wagtail tutorials or workshops – our current "Getting started" tutorial works well but is very short.
  • Supporting Wagtail Space events – working with local organisers to make those events simpler to set up and run.
  • Helping produce feature videos – to share the latest improvements made to the CMS.
  • “Pitch Wagtail to your boss” slide deck – to describe Wagtail to stakeholders.
  • Developer experience survey – helping us understand what capabilities would be most desirable to our main audience.

How you can help

If you want to help shape Wagtail’s future, consider joining for the initial 6-month membership! All backgrounds and levels of expertise welcome. In particular, we hope this team will work well for people who don’t code and still want to contribute to open source.

To join, come say hi in #developer-relations on the Wagtail Slack.