What's New in Wagtail

17 Feb 2023

Tune in to the next What’s New in Wagtail

Live demos of new features in Wagtail 4.2 and a glimpse at what’s ahead.

Lisa Ballam

Lisa Ballam

Head of Marketing

What's New in Wagtail image

We’ll demo new features and enhancements, including:

⇢ Multiple chooser panel

⇢ StreamField data migrations

⇢ Locking and workflows for snippets

⇢ Rich text enhancements

⇢ Outreachy update

⇢ Accessibility checker

⇢ Editor Guide

⇢ Addressing technical debt


⇢ Why Wagtail 5.0?

⇢ The Wagtail Roadmap

As always, we’re hosting the same session at two different times to accommodate Wagtail’s global audience, so select the date that works best for you.

14th March, 10am GMT - register here

15th March, 5pm GMT - register here