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Here's our current flight path for Wagtail

Whether you're a developer who wants the freedom to build a custom feature or an editor who wants to focus more on content than code, Wagtail supports the ingenuity of each member of a content team.

Wagtail Vision: The first 30 minutes

The first 30 minutes

We want the initial experience with Wagtail to be the best it can be: a great demo experience, a smooth set-up process, easy onboarding, and great documentation.

Wagtail vision: Get your best work done

Editors, get your best work done

We want you to instantly feel at home to unleash your creativity and create the best content. Let Wagtail help you optimise the content process and keep you up to date on content performance.

Wagtail vision: Sophistication and simplicity

Sophistication without compromising simplicity

Wagtail reveals the power of its features as you need them, making it easy for simple sites and a powerhouse for the most complex.

Wagtail vision: Wagtail as a platform

Wagtail as a platform

We're obsessed with making Wagtail easy to build, maintain and customise. Speed of development is crucial for our community.

Wagtail vision: Multichannel experiences

Multi-channel experiences

Wagtail is 100% API-enabled to give you ultimate flexibility when it comes to managing content across all of your channels.

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This is what we hope it'll be like using Wagtail in 2023.

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10 global core contributing agencies

Wagtail is one of the most actively developed open source CMSs with 10 core contributing agencies and a very active and enthusiastic global community. It's currently #1 on the list of open source Python CMSs measured by GitHub activity.