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Believing is seeing: Why a world-class museum of visual culture chose headless Wagtail

Meet Nicolas Leung from M+ in Hong Kong and discover how they used headless Wagtail to build the perfect digital foundation for their brand new museum.

Nicolas Leung

Developer, Digital Programme, M+

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The Wagtail StreamField interface is intuitive and gives editors creative control over content.


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Wagtail empowers us to craft beautiful, responsive, accessible websites that are a breeze for content workers to administer and painless for developers to maintain. At Berkeley, we’ve found Wagtail to be a technology that’s quite easy to love.

Matthew Newton

Matthew Newton, Principal Web Applications Developer at UC Berkeley

Wagtail increased the efficiency of both our development and content teams. We are now able to produce much more visually appealing and engaging content in a fraction of the time we were able to do before.

Aimee Maroney

Aimee Maroney, Marketing Platform Developer at Syracuse University

This is a picture of a patient receiving a treatment at Cambridge University Hospitals

A multisite success story: Embracing Wagtail CMS at Cambridge University Hospitals

Meet Michael Frost from CUH and see how they used Wagtail multisite to streamline their whole content operation

Michael Frost smiling and standing in front of a waterfall.

Michael Frost

Digital Editor

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