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14 Jul 2023

My progress in June for Google Season of Docs 2023

Here's what I have done so far for Wagtail in Google Season of Docs

Damilola Oladele

Damilola Oladele

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Our primary goal for Wagtail's project in Google Season of Docs (GSoD) 2023 is to facilitate the transition of new Wagtail users from completing the introductory Getting Started tutorial to deploying their first Wagtail project.

Our project includes three major milestones:

  1. Audit the existing Wagtail Get Started tutorial and create a friction log based on the audit.
  2. Use the friction log to improve the existing Getting Started section.
  3. Develop a new tutorial series based on the Wagtail BakeryDemo.

Let's have a look at the progress I've made so far.

My progress

With the support of my mentors, Meagen Voss and Thibaud Colas, I achieved the first two milestones for the project. The first two milestones led to the Getting started section of the Wagtail documentation.

The first improvement made to the Wagtail documentation was the new introductory content. We wanted to provide a better explanation of Wagtail's purpose and the technology used to build it.

Second, I made adjustments to the documentation structure. Now there's a new page called Quick Install within the Getting Started section. This change helps new users navigate the main topics within the Getting Started section more easily.

Third, I added a new Authors subsection to the Your First Wagtail Site tutorial. I wanted to provide a more practical demonstration of how to use Snippets within the Wagtail admin interface because not every blog uses categories (which is what the older version of the tutorial used) and it made more sense for us to demonstrate how to add authors.

Fourth, we decided to add a writing style guide for documentation by adopting the Google developer documentation style guide. One of the things you might notice is that we will be using American spelling style for the Wagtail documentation going forward.

Last, I updated the terminology used in the Getting Started section of the Developer documentation to align with our Users Guide. This is important because we want to make sure our style is consistent and understandable across multiple projects.

What's next?

Currently, I'm working on expanding our Documentation guidelines to include our new writing style guide.

Also, there's one milestone left to accomplish for the Wagtail GSoD 2023 program. I will be working on creating a series of tutorials so that people can learn how to build a deployable Wagtail website more quickly.

I invite you to have a look at all the changes I made. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our documentation, please feel free to join our Documentation Slack channel and share your suggestions.

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Going Green with Google Summer of Code

Meet two people who will help us make Wagtail greener

Meagen Voss

Meagen Voss

Wagtail community manager