28 Nov 2014

Wagtail: 0.6, 0.7, 0.8…and counting

It’s been a busy few months with Wagtail releases. We’ve been focusing on working ‘under the bonnet’ and bug-fixing, but we’ve also added a number of nice new features which I’ll talk about here. Behind the scenes though we’re working on a really exciting and major new feature… watch this space for details of 0.9!

Team Torchbox avatar


Torchbox development

For now we’re at 0.8.3, and if you install Wagtail today, you’ll find:

It’s easier to get up and running. Want to fire up a new project?  Open your shell of choice, and type:

We’ve made the image focal point feature even better.  We added automatic image feature detection in 0.5 to allow intelligent cropping of images, and it works well in the majority of use cases, but now you can optionally override the default, detected focal point and define your own by drawing a marquee over the region of the image you want to make sure Wagtail never crops out.

Wagtail focal point screenshot

Managing Wagtail is easier than ever before.  We’ve tidied up Wagtail’s admin navigation and created a neat new Settings section for all the administrative functions.  From this new menu you can now also manage and configure user groups from Wagtail directly (no need to drop into Django Admin any more!), and control the list of sites that your Wagtail instance will serve.

A new sponsored feature: page locking.  The Royal College of Art needed to be able to allow admin and moderator users to lock certain pages to prevent them being edited once they’d been approved, and we’ve rolled this feature into the core.

On top of this we’ve added support for Django 1.7, support for the Python logging framework, and numerous thoughtful tweaks & enhancements to the admin and editing user experience to make things quicker and more intuitive. And, our user community have added even more new translations.

As always, for all the gory details and upgrade considerations, consult the release notes: