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Authenticating users with Azure AD

Working with an environmental think tank, I created a Wagtail intranet which authenticates users against Azure Active Directory.

Cameron Lamb

Developer, Torchbox

Using Gatsby for a Wagtail build - a case study

Recreating the Torchbox site with headless Wagtail and Gatsby.

Helen Chapman

Front end team leader at Torchbox

Wagtail 2.5

Starring Django 2.2 support, Markdown shortcuts and better StreamField diffing

Tom Dyson

Tom Dyson

Director, Torchbox

Wagtail 2.4 - a community celebration

As an early Christmas present for Wagtail developers everywhere, we've just released version 2.4.

Matt Westcott

Matt Westcott

Wagtail core team

Wagtail Space Minsk

This past weekend we attended Wagtail Space in Minsk, Belarus. The event was organised by our own Mikalai and two great members of the Minsk Python community, Tatiana and Stas.

Dan Braghis

Dan Braghiș

Wagtail core team

Using Algolia Search with Wagtail

Algolia is a search and indexing service that lets you outsource your internal search to create a mini-search engine inside your website. In this article we'll learn how to set up Algolia with your Wagtail website.

Kalob Taulien

Kalob Taulien

Wagtail core team

What’s It Like For A Developer Moving To Wagtail From Drupal?

Why switching to Wagtail after 5 years as a Drupal developer was a good idea.

Kevin Howbrook.jpg

Kevin Howbrook


Fixing YouTube's oEmbed implementation with a custom finder class

Wagtail's Embeds feature does a great job, but sometimes the embedded content providers' endpoints don't. Here's how to fix that.

avatar square 2017 960.jpg

Nick Smith

Senior Developer, Torchbox

Wagtail’s first hatch backers

Thanks to every backer of our crowdfunding campaign for better StreamField & forms in Wagtail!

Bertrand Bordage

Bertrand Bordage

Full stack developer & director of NoriPyt

Supporting StreamFields, Snippets and Images in a Wagtail GraphQL API

GraphQL is a promising new technology. Yet implementing it in Wagtail comes with its fair share of challenges. This article helps you to overcome them.


Oliver Sartun

Web engineer, 8fit GmbH